Blind Virtual Gin Tasting

Join us in January for a palate cleansing blind tasting!  Dust off 2021’s biases and embrace some tasty new flavours and perhaps some old familiars too… We’ll send you 6x25ml undisclosed gin samples and we’ll see you on Zoom to chat through the contents.  For more info and to book your ticket head to our online shop.

Blind Virtual Whisky Tasting

Fancy trying something a bit different for 2022?  Expand your spirit-y horizons and explore your dram fuelled biases?  Join us in January for a blind whisky tasting!  We’ll send you 6x25ml undisclosed drams and we’ll see you on Zoom to chat you through the contents.  For more info and to book your place head to our online shop.

New-Comers Virtual Gin Tasting

With so many new gins being released it can feel a little overwhelming with where to start!  Let us do the leg work for you and introduce you to 6 new gin producers we’ve taken a liking to. The tasting will include 6 samples and the usual silliness on Zoom! For more info and to book your place visit our online shop.

Oldies VS Newbies Virtual Whisky Tasting

Are you a whisky traditionalist or a dram led innovator?  During this tasting we’ll be comparing some more classic styles of whisky from well established distilleries with some newer arrivals and less traditional styles.  Who will win. . . YOU DECIDE!  For more info and to book your place head to our online shop.

Past Events

**In-Store Tasting**
This month we’re focusing on well known grape varieties from regions they are less commonly associated with.  We’ll talk you through the 6 samples of wine including information on each producer, history of the grapes and how best to taste your wine! 
October means SPOOKY VIBES!!  We’ll be featuring 6x25ml gin samples that have been inspired by mystical creatures encompassing a range of tastes such as London Dry, Spiced, Liqueurs and perhaps one or two wild cards (which may or may not contain sparkles).  Fancy dressed is highly encouraged for this tasting!!
We’ve been saving up a few limited edition whiskies from this year to share with you for this tasting which includes 6x25ml samples of various limited editions from this year including a mystery dram!

Badachro Gin Virtual Tour & Tasting

We’re being treated to a virtual tasting AND tour of Badachro Distillery.  We’ll be tasting through 5x25ml samples from their range while we have a gander round the distillery!
For this month’s tastings we have Scott from Tomatin Distillery coming along to talk us through some of their range. Tomatin distillery calls itself “The Softer Side of the Highlands” with its lovely and fruity mellow fruity dram. We’ll be trying a number of their own bottlings plus a wee something from Antiquary!
Join us for a Virtual Tasting with Paul from Speyside Distillery featuring 6x25ml samples. They have a great range including peated and non-peated spirits PLUS this years winner of “Best Single Cask Single Malt” in the World Whisky Awards – EXCITING!! !
Join our Callander Whisky Club tasting in our Callander shop! We’ve got Deanston coming along to talk us through some of their core range and a few limited editions.
Our first in-store wine tasting! We have Alastair from Woodwinters to talk us through some lesser known grape varieties from well-known wine producing regions.
This tasting featured 6 whiskies matured for AT LEAST 21 years. Need we say more?
A virtual tasting featuring those kind of refreshing, thirst quenching gins that bring out the sunshine!  Sunshine not necessary, only juniper. . .
A virtual tour AND tasting with Pocketful of Stones, a craft distillery based in Cornwall producing a range of spirits including gin, whisky and absinthe!
Taste through the core GlenAllachie range and some limited Wine Cask finishes with their brand rep Ben!
For this virtual tasting we’ve teamed up with Indy Bottler Douglas Laing for a tasty journey through some single cask drams from their Provenance range.
With the rise of sweet, syrupy gin liqueurs we’ve also seen a rise in savoury gins (which we’re rather partial to!).  The kind of gin you’ll sip on before dinner with some savoury snacks. 
We’ve teamed up with Speciality Brands for another Virtual Whisky Tasting!  We’ve got Julie to take us through a selection of small batch bottlings and peated drams.
We’ve got a big spread of flavours for this tasting, the one commonality is they are all at least 18 years old. Join us for an evening of chat, bizarre tasting notes and friendly faces!
We’ve got an amazing line up of funky flavours for this virtual tasting, from a Trinidadian/Jamaican blend that has been smoked using wood chips to a Colombian rum that has used a combo of bourbon, sherry and port casks to mature – YUM!  The one thing they all have in common is they’ve all been aged. 
We’ve got a big spread of flavours for this tasting, the one commonality is they are all at least 18 years old. Join us for an evening of chat, bizarre tasting notes and friendly faces!
Women have historically been under-represented in the booze industry but the tables are turning and we’re seeing more and more ladies taking a stand and making tasty drinks!  We want to celebrate their endeavours whilst sampling the products they make.
Glenturret pride themselves on being Scotland’s oldest working distillery, where the whisky is made by hand in small batches.  Join us in trying a couple of Glenturret’s Legacy range, as well as an exciting new look at their new Maiden Release range!  Their brand ambassador, Jamie, will be there to talk us through the range!
We’ve virtually travelled to different Scottish isles and even to different countries to try gins this past year so we thought for this tasting we’d keep it local with a few gins from our local area.
If you can’t travel you may as well at least try some exotic whisky from a different country, right? Any excuse for a dram!
We’ve teamed up with Sweden’s first whisky distillery, Mackmyra.  Their brand rep Micky will talk us through some of their bottles from the mega light and floral to a wee peaty number
Join us to taste through a selection 6 rums from the Caribbean to Scotland! There are many new rums popping up on our doorstep and we will explore how these compare to some from more established rum producing areas. 
Join us for a Virtual Tour and Tasting with Hannah from Beinn an Tuirc Distillers!  They make a fantastic range of tasty drinks produced sustainably!
Hannah will take us a wee virtual tour of the distillery whilst we sip on some of their products.
Whisk(e)y is a truly international hobby so with that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Speciality Brands to host a world whisk(e)y tasting! 
We’re going to venture around the globe (from the safe confines of our couches) and try a few drams from the ever growing world of international whiskies. 
Where would we be these last 10 months without GIN?!  Gin is our Valentine this year and we’re going to be tasting through a selection of Pink Gins during this virtual night-in!  You can join this tasting with your Valentine, with a friend or yourself. . . the important part is we’re all here to celebrate gin!
Are you a seeker of smoky drams?  A self confessed peat head?  Join us for this tasting featuring exclusively Islay drams, NOT for the fainted hearted/taste budded!
Looking to get into whisky but not quite sure where to start?  Maybe you’ve tried a few Speysides that have peaked your interest and fancy branching out?  This tasting is for you! 
Scotland has seen a huge increase in gin production and Glasgow is no exception! Join us while we try 6 gins all made in Glasgow during this virtual tasting
We’ll be trying the new age statement Remarkable Regional Malt range! The brand ambassador from Douglas Laing will be coming along to talk us through each one and answer your questions.
This time your tastings will come in the Love Gin Box from Gin Bothy! The brand ambassador from Gin Bothy will be coming along to talk us through each one and answer your questions. We will be trying two very tasty gins and two super smooth liqueurs – the perfect way to spend the Sunday after Christmas!
Join our Christmas EXTRAVAGINZA virtual tasting!! We’ve joined up with Pickering’s Gin from Edinburgh for a festive feast of Christmas themed gins.  It’s been a long year for everyone so we thought it was only suitable to feature 7 gin samples(!!) in this tasting.

We’ve got the amazing and very knowledgeable Fiona joining us from Loch Lomond to talk us through a range of their tasty and diverse malts.
We’ve teamed up with Speciality Brands and Dean the Rum Guru (we’re told his knowledge is 90% molasses) to try a selection of 5 rums (25ml measures) from around the Caribbean.
Our last Glen Scotia tasting sold out in a hot minute so we just HAD to run another!
We’ve got the fantastic Fiona from Glen Scotia to conduct a wee virtual tasting for us!  They’ve got a fantastic range of very drinkable malts and we’ve been fans of their bottlings for as long as we’ve been drinking whisky! 
We’ve got the amazing and very knowledge Fiona to talk us through the Glen Scotia range. A fantastic Campbeltown distillery defying the usual Campbeltown style. This tasting includes five drams, including a wee limited edition!
We’ve got a shiny new person on board for this tasting! Fiona from Ben Lomond is going to be leading this tasting to tell us all about the Ben Lomond gin range, including a sample of each of their three full strength gins and a wee pre-made cocktail!
Five Scottish Single Malts with two things in common – they have all been aged for at least 12 years and they’ve all spent some time in a Sherry Cask. We will discover just how diverse the flavours can be whilst looking a wee bit at the facts and history around the use of Sherry Casks in the Scotch Whisky industry.
We’re away another jaunt around the islands to try some of their coastal offerings to satisfy our wanderlust and gin thirst!! Bring your brolly!
Sweetooths rejoice! We’re hosting a virtual tasting just for you, filled with sugary-sweet and moreish tipples!  This tasting will feature a spread of liqueurs and full-strength alcohols, including (but not limited to) a few tasty gin liqueurs.  
We love whisky.  We love beer.  So whisky AND beer? It’s just a natural progression really.   We’ve paired 3 whiskies from independent bottlers Morrison & Mackay and 3 beers from Seven Kings Brewery for a night of this very Scottish serving!

Just to give you a wee flavour of what kind of events run – here’s an list of some we have done in the past!

We are so lucky to live in a country surrounded by SO many tasty gins!! The Scottish gin scene continues to grow therefore we’re obliged to keep trying more and more (or that’s the excuse we use anyway…). 
Join us from the comfort of your own house/ship for our Virtual Rum Tasting! We’ve “researched” 5 tasty rums (pirates and all) and we’ll be talking you through some rum history, how to drink your rum and a bit about each of the companies behind the drinks whilst we all sip on this versatile spirit! 
Scotland and whisky go hand in hand, we’ve been making (and of course drinking!) this magical stuff for centuries (and we’re rather good at it too!).
We wanted to look back through history at how whisky has evolved since its earliest days and hence The Creation of Whisky Tasting was born!
Gin is now more popular than ever but it’s not always been our tipple of choice.  Join us on an exploration of gin’s history in the U.K., from our first encounters with Dutch Jenever to our more recent obsession with syrupy sweet liqueurs….and of course drinking gin whilst doing so! 
Scotland makes SO many tasty gins sometimes it’s difficult to see past our botanically rich shores. HOWEVER during this tasting we’re going to do just that and venture out of Scotland to some gin producers further afield. You won’t need a passport, just a comfy seat, a glass and some ice!
Whisk(e)y is a truly international hobby, something we can toast to the world over! With that in mind, we’re going to venture around the world (from the safe confines of your couch) and try a few drams from the ever growing world of international whiskies!
From Orkney to Arran, the Scottish Isles have an amazing selection of drams on offer! Join us on a wee tour and sample a few of them.
Use your imaGINation and travel around some Scottish Islands with us during this Virtual Gin Tasting (it gets easier the more samples you have!)
Join us for a fun and fizz filled evening! And what makes fizz better but a dash of gin!? We’ll be trying a selection of gin liqueurs that pair perfectly with prosecco for a taste sensation!

August Events

So you think you know your whiskies? Test your tastebuds at one of our Blind Whisky Tastings. . .connoisseurs and novices welcome as always! Secure your place and get your ticket now by clicking the link!

Kippen 23rd August: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/blind-whisky-tasting-tickets-64233511161

Fintry 24th August: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/blind-whisky-tasting-tickets-65251490966

Doune 31st August: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/blind-whisky-tasting-tickets-65251181039

May 2019 Events

Friday 31st May – 7.30pm – Old Outdoor Bowling Club Hall, Fintry.

June 2019 Events

Friday 7th June – 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Whisky fan? Gin buff? Just enjoy a tipple? Everyone is welcome to our tasting at our The Pier Cafe, Stronachlachar!

Friday 14th June 2019 – 7.30pm – The Reading Room, Kippen
Tickets are £25 (members get 20% off the ticket price!)

Friday 21st June 2019 – 7.30pm – Old Outdoor Bowling Club Hall, Fintry. Tickets are £25 (members get 20% off the ticket price!)

Saturday 22nd June 2019 – 7.30pm – The Grail Tasting Room
Tickets are £25 (members get 20% off the ticket price!)

Saturday 25th May 2019 – 7.30pm – The Grail Tasting Room

Saturday 27th April 2019 – 7.30pm – The Grail Tasting Room

We will be at Doune Farmers’ Market in the Courtyard behind The Buttercup Cafe on Saturday 27th April 2019

Friday 26th April 2019 – 7.30pm Old Outdoor Bowling Club Hall, Fintry.

Friday 12th April 2019- 7.30pm – Kippen Reading Room

Friday 8th March 2019 – 7.30pm – Kippen Reading Room

Friday 15th March 2019 – 7.30pm – Fintry Bowling Club

Saturday 16th March 2019 – 7pm – 3 Little Birds Collective, Doune